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  Backhoe seats by Sears Seating are available with heavy duty 12 volt suspensions that will support 330 lbs. operators. KAB Seating backhoe seats feature mechnical suspensions that will support 270 lbs. operators. Many versions are available and designed to fit the factory bolt patterns of most majors brands of backhoes.

Skid steer seats by Sears Seating and KAB Seating feature low profile mechanical suspensions, slide-rails and waterproof vinyl trim.

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Milsco XB180-N Series

XB180-N Series are multi purpose ergonomic design seat pans suitable for Lawn, Garden, Industrial & Construction applications.


Seats Inc Bucket Seating

KAB 115, Backhoe Seats

Mechnical suspension seats for Backhoe Loaders by Kab Seating


115HD Backhoe Seat

Mechnical suspension seats for Backhoe Loaders features heavy duty turntable. Trimmed in black vinyl or black cloth.


Sears 5503, Backhoes

Advanced ergonomic design backhoe seat with heavy duty air suspension. Includes 12V compressor.


Sears 5027, Backhoes

Ergonomic design heavy duty backhoe seats. Mechnical suspensions.


Sears FLS/3000 Backhoe

Economical mechanical suspension seat features heavy duty, waterproof vinyl trim.


KAB 301, Backhoe Seat

Mechnical suspension seats for Backhoe Loaders


KAB 214, Skid Steers

Low profile mechanical suspension skidsteer seat with shock damper


Sears 1503, Skidsteers

Available with or without low profile mechanical suspension. Features Bobcat mounting pattern.


KAB11/T1 Backhoe Seat

Mechnical suspension seats for Backhoe Loaders that require compact seats without sacrificing comfort.


Sears 1000, Backhoes

Economical static seat features heavy duty height adjustment, turntable and waterproof vinyl trim.


12V Backhoe Seat

12V air suspension seats for Backhoe Loaders. Air suspension offers easy adjusting and smooth ride.


Michigan V-5300, Skidsteers and Mowers

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